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What automotive, motorsports or collector car activities would you like to do in the future?

Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota XRS, Jaguar XJ6L, Jaguar XJ40 Vanden Plas

What Car Clubs, Racetracks or Motorsport Sanctioning Bodies, (e.g. F1, NASCAR, Indycar, IMSA, WRC) interest you?

Nearly anything automotive.

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David Brill left a comment on Jaguar Owners Group
"Read your update Gail. Sounds like a plan and a Miata too huh? Congrats on the award and the new position. LOL Been a slow winter here. In the process of buying a house so most funding is going there, although I will be setting just a little aside…"
Feb 28, 2010
David Brill left a comment for Gail Hill
"Great finishes Gail! Congrats."
Apr 26, 2009
David Brill left a comment for Terry Dunne
"Oh, BTW, do you know that your "phd" site is not working?"
Apr 26, 2009
David Brill left a comment for Terry Dunne
"Hi Terry!
Had a great time! Definitely worth it.
I will speak to you at some point to get more info on SCCA.
I used to be licensed through the Fairfield County Sports Car club and did some AutoX back about 10 - 12 years ago. Didn't do to badly until…"
Apr 26, 2009
David Brill left a comment on Jaguar Owners Group
"Any New Englanders heading to the JANE/AONE Rallye on May 2nd. Starts at Purgatory Chasm State Park in MA. and running through CT, MA and RI.

I see from the info that it can be run as a true TSD rallye if one chooses or simply as a great tour/drive…"
Apr 26, 2009
David Brill left a comment for Terry Dunne
"I'll give you a buzz then. I am attending a Jaguar TDS Rallye in eastern CT on the weekend of May 2nd however, I will pick your brain about a membership into SCCA.
Apr 25, 2009
David Brill left a comment for Terry Dunne
"Thank you Terry! Sounds rather appealing.. Much comfier than the air mattress in the back of my Land Cruiser. I'll be up there this weekend for the launch/luncheon of the righthanders club. I may stop by and say hi and check out the Bunkhouse out…"
Apr 23, 2009
David Brill left a comment for Raymond OBrien
"Great! Which car will you have?
I'll have the green XJ40, with a couple of spots of primer. Is it pretty self explanatory where in the park everyone is meeting? Signs, etc?


Seeya there."
Apr 22, 2009
David Brill left a comment for Dennis Gray
"Hi Dennis,
the hooks you speak of are the hood latches. You pull back and twist on each one and they release the hood. Then, you must lift the hood forward, up and away from firewall."
Apr 21, 2009
David Brill left a comment for Renea Topp
"Hi Renea,
I'm getting back in initially as a spectator. Someone just gave me a 1977 Jag XJ6L. (as with most Jags that have sit for a bit, it neds quite a bit of work) Not sure I'll take that vintage racing or not, but I have seen that several clubs…"
Jan 19, 2009
David Brill left a comment for Mike Glass
"Thanx Mike! Although not new to the fab/rebuild hobby, I am new to Jags and things British (well, an ex gf was really into Land Rovers.. not sure if that counts..LOL) Its nice to see that everything thats rusty on my Jag is an easily sourced part.
Jan 18, 2009
David Brill left a comment on Toyota Owners Club
"I own an 05 XRS. The one with the Yamaha sourced 200HP motor. 6spd, 8500 rpm redline. Not vintage but still mighty fun.
I also own a 99 TLC and an 87 4Runner, modified for hardcore rock crawling.
I have been involved in the 4WD community for over 20…"
Jan 15, 2009
David Brill left a comment on Jaguar Owners Group
"I have been given a 1974 XJ6L. I have been doing a bunch of research to find out what to look for as for problems, etc. This car hasn't moved in possibly 15 years. It was under a tarp in the woman's back driveway. In looking at it, it seems pretty…"
Jan 15, 2009
David Brill left a comment for Stephen Page
"Thanx for the welcome. Been leaning more and more back to my roots so to speak. Several years back I raced SCCA Autocross but I have always loved the vintage stuff. I am picking up a 74 Jaguar XJ6L this weekend. The owner is actually giving it to…"
Jan 15, 2009

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  • Thanks for letting me know about the Ph.D. I did not know....will have to fix..my e mail is tr7terry@hotmail.com..see you soon..I hoipe
  • To see my Meadow House, go to homeaway.com my listing is #238819

    Let me know what you think of the Righthanders Club at Lime Rock...think about doing BOTH....the SCCA couls really use you!
  • I will not be in Ct. this weekend...SCCA Board Meeting on Long Island...but you are welcome to stop by...my caretaker is Monte, he drives a Black convertable. Call me at my LI # 516-795-8557..(I can't find my cell phone!) Why not join the SCCA...we NEED new Corner Workers...I am Membership Chair for the NY Region...Lime Rock's sanctioning body...May 1-2 is the VINTAGE weekend...want to work it? Call me!
  • I am planning on attending the JANE/AONE Rally. Look forward to seeing you there.
  • David...you can find "A Meadow House" on Lime Rock Parks web...go to area services...then accomodations...then B & B's to see my house...right at the Meadow by Registration! my phone is 860-248-1799...my "Bunkhouse" offers $30 beds!....do NOT sleep in your car ever again!
  • Thanks. I knew it would be something simple. Dennis
  • Hello to a fellow nutmegger!

    Glad to hear from such a long-standing fan. Are you getting back into vintage racing? If so, you must inquire about our Vintage Festival on Labor Day weekend. You can send an email to vintagefestival@limerock.com with all your information. Murray Smith is the co-chairman of the event now and he would be happy to speak with you.

    Also, you must join the Lime Rock Park Group. You can join by clicking here:

    Look forward to having you at the track again this year!
  • David, Yes Reno/Sparks. We are however, about a 7 hr. drive from Vegas. Tahoe 45 minutes away! Depends when you come out, the Vintage Races in these parts are in early May. Nice event. Our clubs annual Concours and Slalom will be in Mid-July at Tahoe. Hopefully close to 100 Jags from across the west. Cheers.
  • David, I would go to xk's unlimited for parts. You can request a free catalog. From this you can basically build a car from scratch. Welsh Ent., Coventry West, SNG Barrett are also good parts suppliers. I'm in the process of restoring/assembling a 1961 Mark IX Jaguar. Good luck. Post some pics, as will I.
  • Hi Dave
    Good luck with the project.
    The various Vintage Racing clubs have different cut off dates for "vintage. Some are 1972; 1980 and/or race what you brought.
    Check the map on www.myvrl.com for the club nearest you and call to discuss your car before you begin to spend money.
    Good luck - Stephen
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