The Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association is a Midwest based not-for-profit organization of 600 members. VSCDA is a member of the Vintage Motorsports Council.
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  • Thanks for all of your comments.  I think VSCDA is on the right track more than one way!!
  • Stan, Ken, Others,
    VSCDA is a great group that has some good people guiding it. Recent events are unfortunate but the bell has been rung. I trust you have seen the recent letter from our President. It is not the last we will hear as the subject of Sheree's position has yet to be cleared up.

    I will say this: I really wanted Sheree to do well in the position she has, AND, listen very carefully, our board really wanted it to work as well. I know they tried.
    That is all I'll say. Stay tuned for info from our board.

    Ricky del
  • Yes, indeed, Stan! Certainly confusing. But, I've run companies for years now and I know how often good people have "filtered" some facts intuitively to support a certain point of view, and, as a sometimes quick-decision type of manager, I have to force myself to calmly wait for all points of view to weigh in, lest I exercise weak judgement. I'm thinking there will be more dialog that will give us a good look at the soul of this outfit. Would you agree?
  • I feel I am uninformed on how to react to the recent e-mail from Sheree Dewey and would be interested in my fellow VSCDA members response.

    I have been in and out of enough clubs to see this type of thing happen before. I am a VSCDA outsider and have my personal opinions based on individual contacts. I also know from being an officier in other clubs that having any responsibility in a club is difficult and usually thankless, while others judge you on lack of information.

    I have several concerns:
    1. This will reduce membership and make racers question supporting VSCDA
    2. How do we determine if this is accurate
    3. How do we not repeat this mistake in the future

    I would be interested in any comments others would have and if they have opionions on current slate of members for office.

    Stan Mason
    Green Austin Healey Sprite Bugeye Class 2E
  • Ken has passed me several times in several races in the past I wish I could pedal faster !! good job Ken see you at Grattan
  • This is my favorite race group to race with they are like family always...just love it !
  • I started racing with VSCDA in 2006 and have enjoyed literally every event they have run. Each one was well organized, professionally administered, and the staff has always been encouraging. I have one car running in their Group 8 that is in Era Correct trim and another car that I run in Group 8, but Mod-1. Highly competitive people demonstrating a great sense of respect for each others' hardware as well as their well being. Personally, I couldn't be more pleased than to race with this group.
  • VSCDA is a great club with lots of support for new members. My personal experience at the Gingerman Driver School ( 2004) to renew my race driver privilage resu;ted in a broken transmission after 2 hours into the school. I was on the verge of packing things up and enjoying spectating for the rest of the weekend when a complete stranger by the name of Gary Kropf walked up and offer 2 of his crew an engine host and race transmission. Approximately 4 hours later I was running and completed my driver school. The Spridget Group is one of the great support groups and we are always interested in others Spridgets joining in the fun. I am also proud to have an Era Correct Car demonstrating that my car was as raced according to 1967 SCCA General Competition Rules for my Bug Eye. There are other great groups in VSCDA that share similar values some that I am familiar with are Vintage Formula Vee and Triumph Group. Come join in the Fun at Grattan this August a fun challeging track for fast and agile vintage race cars.
  • I hope to make it this year, I've missed the last 3 Blackhawk events due to various engine troubles. Great track for the small bore group.
  • The VSCDA races at Black Hawk Race track is an event that you don't want to miss, I have served as a volunteer for the last three years and have always enjoyed the competition and friendly nature of the drivers.Mark your calendar and take in the action this year!
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Welcome to the VSCDA member group

Please create your member profile and add pictures and race videos if you have them. Invite your friends to join. Also enroll in your car's Marque to learn more about fellow owners and their cars. Warmest regards - Stephen Page Chairman The Vintage Racing League

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