I am the original owner of this spitfire.... 30 years this AUG. of loving this car..... Someone recently damaged the rear end ( the car so far had never even had a door dent ) so I figured as long as the body work was being done I might as well redo the entire car.... Here is the result...




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  • Love it!
    The rear bumber removal gives it a very clean look - may I suggest removing the ulgy extenders on the front anf going for the UK spec hinge covers?
    On my '78 I just removed the bumpers and spray-bombed the hinges black.

    What tyre/wheel are you running?

    • Hello Robert,
      I'm new to this site.... The wheels are Compomotive (they make wheels for the rally market in europe) and they custom drilled them to fit my spitfire... Took about 3 months to get them after I ordered.... The engine has a lightened flywheel and the four carb set that Chris at PRI sells..... Dual exhaust and the leaf spring on the rear has been replaced with ride height adjustable shocks (front also)
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