PRRACEwire provides media services for Professional Motorsports and the Automotive Performance business segment.
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PRRACEWIRE Business Overview
PRRACEwire is a B2B services/product company. We do technical market support (in other words we build promotional plumbing) for the automotive performance and motorsports segments. Our business offerings include:

THE DRIVING AMBITION PROGRAM - This is a standardized low-cost program focused on the development of professional marketing tools for young drivers and team organizations.
PRIORITY NEWS SYNDICATION - PRRACEwire operates a cluster of syndication information networks, that allow clients to propagate branded information quickly, globally and with persistence over time.
B2B PRESS RELATIONS - PRRACEwire offers customized professional support for early stage drivers/teams/organizations, and/or automotive performance clients.
B2B MARKETING - PRRACEwire developments formal outreach programs that support automotive performance/motorsports business development.
B2B PROMOTION - In the context of all of the above, PRRACEwire develops tailored promotional mechanisms and collateral for sponsors, teams/drivers/automotive performance manufacturers

PRRACEwire WIREBLOG - PRRACEwire offers news and op-ed to 11,000 readers monthly
PRRACEwire VIDEO NEWS - PRRACEwire offers automotive video content to 11,000 readers monthly
PRRACEwire AUDIO NEWS - PRRACEwire offers automotive audio (podcast) content to 11,000 readers monthly

Rick Carlton
512.394.8702 - global voice

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