Nostalgia Racing, Inc. is a vintage racing club that promotes and organizes historic racing events throughout the state of Colorado.
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Nostalgia Racing

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  • Hi Dave! Is this something new or have you been doing this for a while. The reason I ask is that For South East I am combining a car show with our next Road Atlanta event and some have asked about Vintage racing.
  • Cool!!! I wish people would keep me up to date on this stuff!!! ;)

    Travis or Stephan, can you kill this one off and pretty up the other one like you did this one?

    Thanks, Dave
  • Dave,
    Stephan Page started a Nostalgia Racing, Inc. group on Nov. 16 2007. There are a few members of that group, but it hasn't been too active on this site. Here is the group link: Nostalgia
    I know I'm not currently a card carrying Nostalgia Racing club member, but as a local Colorado vintage racing worker and fan I like to keep up on what Nostalgia Racing & NASA Rocky Mountain are up to.
  • Mike - where is the other one? No one told me one was created....
  • Does this group replace the Nostalgia Racing, Inc. group that was already established?
  • Cool!!! Thanks
  • Hi Dave
    Your Group on MyVRL will now always contain your most recent news and content.
    Please invite your members to join MyVRL.
    Warmest regards - Travis
This reply was deleted.

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