What do Chicago Stockyards, Havana, and Watkins Glen have in common?They are among the 125 tracks Pete Hylton writes about in his newest release, More Ghost Tracks.These three are joined by ghost tracks in Texas, the Rockies, the Mid South and Gulf Coast, as well as famous hillclimbs, and airport tracks. More Ghost Tracks also includes the history of tracks through such famous parks as Paramount Ranch, Pebble Beach and Palm Beach Shores as well as an entire chapter devoted to Ghost Tracks in Paradise.After the release of “Ghost Tracks” in 2007, Hylton was inundated with requests for more stories about fans' favorite former tracks. Always ready to travel and explore, the author has spent the last 18 months researching tracks for a much requested second installment to the series. “More Ghost Tracks”, set for release in November, 2008, will be almost twice the size of the original. With more than 200 pages of track maps, history, and photos of the hill climbs, street tracks, airport tracks and venues it is a scrapbook of sports car racing’s greatest events.Hylton is a legend in his own right in the world of motorsports. A competition driver for 25 years, he was the youngest person to ever serve on the SCCA’s Board of Directors. After retiring from the board, he inherited the organization’s immense archives, and proceeded to turn his passion for the sport to researching its history. An engineer turned educator, he is a professor at Indiana University/Purdue University Indiana where he heads up the motorsports technology program.More Ghost Tracks, is his fourth book on motorsports history, and is available through Motorsports Racing Legacies (www.motorsportsracinglegacies.com).

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