For over 30 years, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit has played host to Auto Racing, Motorcycles and High Speed Go Karts. Groups: Porsche, Shelby, Alfa Romeo, Corvette, BMW, Viper and Ferrari clubs. Contact:Scott or Connie Stephens Phone: (918) 356-4814
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Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

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  • I hadn't raced at Hallett since early 2007. What a wonderful weekend we had!

    Everything at the track was better!

    Connie and her team made us feel like kings! My boys 18 and 23 had a great time with the laid back," experience racing up close" attitude!

    This is now our favorite place to race!


    Thanks Hallett!!!

  • I think I'm ready, only time will tell. New guts and new shoes (apparently LS1s don't like 8800 rpm,, oops wrong gear).
    Good Luck this season.
  • The new season approaches, I hope everyone is as exited as I am. Unfourtunately I have been held up with house work all winter so far and have not yet began replacing the blown motor in my car. It is going to be quite a race to get the car ready by round 1. Going with the B16 was a great choice. I ran a 1:34.03 clockwise (then the motor blew). I was having a good race with Pennington and felt good about things but, compost happens. Hopefully all of us at Jones Clan Racing will be back out for round one. 1 car is ready, two to go. See y'all there! J.
  • Hello All,

    My first experience at Hallett was in my friends '67 Shelby. Great track and I hope to be back with my '71 Cuda vintage racer.
  • Hello all, My first race was a blast at the 1st round COMMA race. I placed third and my car ran good all day so, I'm happy with that. What a great race between Jeff Tevis and Tom Baker in GT1!!! Tom, whatever your doing to or in that car must be working for you, good luck next race. I would like to thank Clyde for the awesome photo he posted on the Hallett site of my car "slightly" off track in the carousel with the dust kicking up behind it; sweet. See everyone next round. P.S. Heath, you better open it up this next round, the new motor is broke in already. teehee.
  • The CVAR Hallett March 2009 snow blizzard race was quite a weekend. Those that stayed will have some stories to tell. I think I got more laps on Saturday driving on the track in my truck helping to beat the snow down to a slush than I got racing on Sunday. I didn't think they could pull it off after getting a record snow but they were determined to get the races going on Sunday and they did.
  • I can't say enough good things about Hallett in this post but the Stephens family runs a top notch organization and the track itself is, in my opinion, a benchmark track. It has all of the attributes that make up a challenging, driver's track...blind corners, elevation changes, etc. Can't wait to run it clockwise next year with CVAR (Another great bunch of folks!) Also, the race shop at Hallett is staffed by some exceedingly savvy gear heads. John Zentner has always been a huge help with my Vee and assisted with the fabrication of my 4 into 1 header. Keep up the great work and I'll see you all next year!
  • Hallett is a wonderful track with its elevation changes, technical corners and lack of concrete walls. The workers are always cheerful, fun to be around and what a great restaurant.
  • Hello all, Sunday the 26th of October, my CRX made its debut at Hallett!!! It ran great considering that I was tuning it as I went. The 1st lap, turn 2, I spun out right in front of my brother. It was as smooth as ice.(I forgot to let the air out of the tires first.oops :) ) I was hoping for a 1:38 and I ran a 1:37.3. Thats good considering I was being fairly conservative. All in all a good day except for some cooling issues. And after the race if you all missed it, poor Tevis...he had his car wrecked in the feature and the after his firebird fell out of the trailer as he was moving it. I felt sick to my stomach as I watched the rear door fly open and then the car fell from the top deck and rolled out. It was un-real. See you guys at the test and tune on Nov. 8th if we get enough people to sign up. So if you want to participate youd better sign up early so Connie will allow it. Bye for Now.. J.
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Old Hallett grid and results sheets.

Hi I am researching the history of a car I just bought and it ran at Hallett quite a few times from 1977 to 1984. I was wondering if anyone would have old grid and results sheets from that era. Here are the dates that I know the car ran at HallettHallett trans Am 7-30-77Hallett Spring Fever 4-23-78Hallett Super National 7-28-78Hallett Cherokee run 6-10-79Hallett Indian Summer 10-5-79Trans Am Hallett 5-31-80Hallett Cherokee Run 3-31-84 The drivers in these races were Jerry Crew in the earlier…

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