In order to 'break the ice' and get the discussion going I think it would be excellent if everybody on this list could give a little introduction as to how they are connected to the GT RACER film production, i.e. in which episode they where/are involved and to which capacity. Already we have racers, event organizers, team mangers and film crew.ThanksBelow: Yours Truly and most of the Carrera Panamericana (Season II, Episode#3) Film Crew.

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  • So Alexander, what is the plan for 2009?
    • Hi Roger,

      Thanks for checking in.

      Well, we just put a list of events together and submitted a Season III concept and budget and have now to wait to get a reaction from the networks that we approached. Discovery was very happy with what the received (Season II) but have not aired yet and will only do so in May/June, so...

      Before I get a reaction I don't really want to spill the beans as of what we plan. We are facing hard times and network's money (that was never loose to begin with) is now even tighter. Nothing is more boring than to get people exited and then don't show up.

      As soon as I know, I will inform everybody of course right away.
      We are hoping to starting in May.
      I of course will push as hard as I can.

      In that context I have to send you an e-mail off-list, and will do so right now.

      All please stayed tuned.....

  • Great moment on that photo, there I find a very good people on that crew, good memories.

    • Hi Jorge,
      It was a great moment (Jorge is the second from the left) and besides building cars and racing the Panamericana, Jorge piloted our crew making sure we'd keep up with the race - actually being ahead of them.
      We realized he knows every single person in Mexico.
  • Hi Alexander

    Did you come across my mate Rupert Cleavley AKA Capatain Fantastic who was driving with Marc Devis on the Carrera?

    Hope all is well - Aussie family are great! They loved Porto as well - my nephew Geoff still has the scar from the driver change when he touched the exaust pipe - big pipe!!
    • Are you kidding? He is great. If you get a chance please invite him to join over this site and group. Of course Marc and Rupert in an orange/purple Ford Falcon will be featured in the Carrera episode that comes out in March.

      Btw my cameraman Mark Barrs has a similar scar from the Nürburgring where he shot the winner pulling in. And to widen up he walked backwards and with his calf straight into the side-pipe of another car that had just pulled in behind him...
      He'll tell the story better. He just joint VRL also. I let him know.
  • I was involved in Shaken and Stirred at Spa in 2006. Sadly my propshaft exploded during the practice for the 1 Hour race and I could not race. I lent my exhaust system to Peter Thornton when he crashed in his DB4GT in the 6 Hour race and he was able to continue the race and at least finish. That was when I first met Alexander and I have kept in touch and watched his GT Racer series with the greatest of interest.

    Sadly My Aston DB4Lightweight is not able to be FIA'd nor are the other 24 of these exciting Marques and I am therefore not able to race in any of the FIA races, Goodwood Revival, Spa 6 Hours, Le Mans and the like, so I am very keen to eventually get an FIA car and do some of those races in the future, with the recession in for a while, maybe the cost of some of these cars might come down out of the clouds and I might be able to afford some exciting car. I have been looking at is he Ferrari 250GTSWB Rebody, which might be in reach and has papers. We will have to wait and see. As they say , Watch this space.

    Spa has to be to me the most exciting circuit to race on in Europe and everybody wants to race Spa. For those of you who have never been, then come to the 6 Hour weekend sep/oct each year. 600 Historic racing cars and 1200 drivers all with huge grins on their faces have the greatest fun you can have outside the bedroom and some say including that as well.
    • I have to agree. Spa is just fantastic. Its no coincident that I went back after Shaken & Stirred to shoot it again in the context of GT Racer (Season I, Episode#6). Nevertheless, two entirely different films.
  • Hi Alexander - it was the big block Heuer Chrono you were wearing that made me think this man knows his watches and his cars - the film he produced wasn't bad either!! Had a great time in Poto in 2007 with Alexander and the gang filming GT Racer - what fun thanks for the experience!

    David Cooke
    • Hi David,
      It was a Tudor Prince-Date Automatic-Chrono-Time actually - that look rather similar to your Daytona Cosmograph. But yes, we did hit it off through the watches.
      That your team was extremely nice, welcoming and easy going (as we where super stress out with technical problems and under maximum pressure shooting the very first episode) helped too I guess :-) ...and that monster Corvette of yours. ...and your attractive family from Australia.
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