Since 1944, SCCA has championed one mission: To bring motorsports to the masses of American men and women who are passionate about automobiles, speed and competition. Toll Free: 1-800-770-2055 Local: 785-357-7222
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Since 1944, SCCA has championed one mission: To bring motorsports to the masses of American men and women who are passionate about automobiles, speed and competition. From National Championships to regional events, whether professional or amateur, we exist to organize, support and develop auto racing at every level and provide an outlet for you to get out of the armchair and into the action. So, whether your passion is autocrossing, rallying or road racing as a professional or as a weekend warrior, SCCA wants to help you fuel your passion.

Browse these pages and learn more about membership opportunities in your area. SCCA is devoted to participation at whichever level you choose. Driving, marshaling, working on a crew or event administration are just some of the countless ways to indulge your passion with like-minded people from all walks of life. And with 112 regions across the country, an SCCA event is not likely to be far from home. So what are you waiting for? Membership is just a click away. You don’t need to own a racecar. You don’t need to be mechanically inclined. You just have to enjoy the speed, sound and atmosphere of motorsports.

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Toll Free: 1-800-770-2055 Local: 785-357-7222

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  • OK here is the horses mouth IMSA. See my note below.
    I was deeply disappointed to see that after many years of traditionally including Historic/Vintage racing on the 12 Hour schedule, they are not included.
    I have for many years driven those support races as well as taken part in the downtown faux tech and drivers parties at the Sebring center.
    I have seen fans very supportive of being able to see the older cars off of the mainstream. They usually mention "I use to own one of those". Once after a spin they offered me food and drink at the fence. They definitely come out for more than just the "Big Show", they also enjoy the opening acts. For some, Sebring 12 Hours is the only race they will attend. It is there yearly vacation.
    The drivers as well appreciate the opportunity to race in front of such a large crowd, many who may not have the chance to witness the older cars anywhere else.
    For me the Historics were my one "Fun" race after a season of serious racing elsewhere. A chance to be a participant in a big show, not just a busy owner/driver chasing a podium finish.
    I have talked to many fans and drivers on many different websites that are very upset with this  development.  They wonder just when IMSA started to forget about the racers and the fans in exchange for a better financial arrangement. It's been said all IMSA cares about is the money. If this is so, I will be happy to launch a worldwide boycott of IMSA events throughout the internet. Perhaps the loss of that income will prod you into reconsideration of a very bad decision. It's going to be a long year.
    Regards, D.C.Fresch
    I will be sending this out as well as flooding websites with it.
    If this means anything to you at all. I suggest you use my note as a template and send IMSA a missive declaring your displeasure and intention to boycott the events.
    This has been degrading since the end of ALMS.
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    Fax: 386.310.6505
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  • Hello fellow race fans,

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    Thanks in advance for any help you can spare. If successful, this project will be fantastic for vintage racing everywhere.

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  • And this evening (Sep 25th) is the premier of GT Racer's "LA CARRERA PANAMERICANA"!!!!
    Same place: on Discovery's HD Theater at 8:00 PM ET...and 11:00PM... and tomorrow and the next day :-)

    THE SHOW IS NOW OUT ON DVD as well (on Amazon and the Discovery Channel Store). Check the details and links here:
    or read my blog, best Alexander
  • REMINDER: Watch Historic Racing on TV Tonight !!!

    Hi All,

    Don't forget to check out the Premier of my TV Series GT RACER.
    TONIGHT (!) on Discovery's HD Theater at 8:00 PM ET.
    More details are on my blog on the VRL or here:

    ... and let me know what you think.

  • Anyone going to the September race at Eagles Canyon?
    We're going to have fun!
  • Anybody planning to run at the Solo Nationals?
    (other than me...)
  • Me on a VERY brisk evening at Texas World Speedway.
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